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Beloved Friends and Intercessor,

Thank you for praying for the 5th Daughters of Destiny Conference in Iquitos during April 18th – 20th. Even though the main road into the conference was under construction and being paved, the women came faithfully. There were several downpours that made even the back route impassable by vehicles, which meant those who showed up walked in. There was deep commitment to hear the Word of the Lord and receive from Him.

Our ministry goal is to empower women to rescue children and restore families– the very thing the enemy fights against with vengeance. Many of our river pastors were not able to come, but we had leaders and their wives come from at least 6 river communities. The men joined us for all of the main sessions in the morning and evening, not only hearing the Word, but helping in any capacity needed. There were also thirteen churches from Iquitos represented.

This year we had the privilege of having Jennie (Ochieng) Roberts with us from Kenya, Africa and Barbara Werner from New Zealand. They added a depth of insight and wisdom to our Peruvian women that was well received. I thank God for allowing two of my sister-in-laws, Ruth Kerr and Karen Keagy, and my sister, Julie Jordan, to join us. Each one added their part to make this a successful conference.

First Day of the Conference

Missionary Marisa Vargas from Argentina kicked of the conference with Delivering the Captives. I followed her with the theme Prepared to do Greater Works. Jennie overcoming rejection.

The afternoon workshops were: Integrity and Purity by Psta. Anna Thiesen de Malpartida, Women, the Multiplication Factor in the Church by Psta. Nancy Silva, Ministering in the Streets by Shawn and Trent Rolfzen, Exercising your Spiritual Authority by Psta. Liz del Aguila, and Rescuing Women by Missionary Becky Johnson.

Barbara Werner was the speaker for the evening service with Foundations for Greater Works. Each session was powerful and anointed!

Second Day of the Conference

After a wonderful time in praise and worship to our King led by Pastor Alvaro and his family, Barbara spoke on the need to be Filled with the Spirit, ministering the infilling of the Spirit afterward. Then we heard Psta. Sadith de Lemos teach on Healing for the Family. Psta. Mercedes de Malpartida finished off the morning with Faith to Move Mountains.
The afternoon workshops were: Beauty in Fullness by Psta. Gisely Alava, Flowing in the Gifts by Psta. Ana Cabrera, Salvation in Prophetic Dimensions by Psta. Zoila Peña, Healing the Sick by Psta. Eliana Tello, and Rescuing Children by Psta. Esther Contreras. The evening service began with jubilant praise and dancing with Jennie sharing on the Power of the Resurrection. It was a power packed day of feasting on the Word of God, in spite of the afternoon downpour of Amazon rain.

Third Day of the Conference

We couldn´t have asked for a more sensitive and perfect praise and worship team for this conference. They filled the sanctuary with the awesome presence of God. Missionary Ruth Kerr was the first one up with Spiritual Mothering. Barbara wrapped up her teaching on Foundation for Greater Works for the second session, encouraging the women that all power and authority resides in them to do the greater works, so let it out! I finished up the morning with Compassion and Passion for Souls, encouraging the congregation to prepare for the afternoon outreach.

The afternoon workshops were changed to an evangelistic outreach to one of the flooded neighborhoods in town. Different people had given food and money to prepare 100 bags of food to pass out as we ministered the love of Jesus door to door. Two bus loads of believers marched into the flooded area, food bags in hand, walking on board planks to minister to those living in houses half full of flood waters. Twenty-six people gave their hearts to Jesus and four reconciled their lives back to God through the ministry time. The testimonies that we heard filled us with joy!


Many of the groups prayed for the sick and encouraged them to trust God in the midst of hard times. The bag of food was a reminder that God cares and provides.

Karen Keagy, my sister-in-law, was escorted by a number of young girls down the plank sidewalks several blocks in to the flooded Nazarene Church. After a tour of the church and classrooms, the pastora shared how she had felt lonely and abandoned even by her own church supervisors that had not visited them since the flooding began. She had prayed the night before and God sent us to encourage her with a bag of food and prayer. She was blessed!

Olga is a believer in the midst of the flooded zone. As we talked with her sitting on the front porch, she shared her desire to be used by God to share the Word with her neighbors. Her passionate tears revealed her love for God and people as we prayed anointing to preach the Word with signs following.

Others told us that we were the first people to offer them help; the government hadn’t been out to even investigate the situation. Everyone thanked us for coming to lend a helping hand in their time of need.

Honduras Daughters of Destiny

Please pray about joining us for our first 3 day conference in Tegucigalpa at Cristo Centro on October 24-26, 2013. We look forward to ministering to the army of women in Honduras. Let us know soon if you are interested in joining us for this event at There are several Peruvian ministers that are believing God
for funds to come to Honduras. If you are not able to join us, perhaps you could help cover part of the airfare for one of them.

Peru February 2014

We are working at confirming our dates for next year for the first of February for the 6th annual conference in Iquitos. Please pray about joining us for this event, as well.

Thank you for praying and supporting this ministry as we raise up the Daughters of God to fulfill their destiny.

Abundant blessings,

Annette Thiesen
Phone number from US: 011-504-9732-6991


Africa trip, August update

Dear Friend and Co-laborer,

God is so faithful to answer our prayers for the nations of the earth. My trip to Africa was so much more than I had anticipated. Some may ask, and I even asked, “Is this a good time to leave New Life Children’s Home and go to Africa?” As many of you know, we have been going through several months of staff issues in Honduras, but as I prayed about Africa the Lord kept giving me peace to go and He would take care of the situation with staff.

                                               Lake Victoria, Kenya at Sunset

Labor Issue Settled

God is so good! The day before I left home, our lawyer came from Tegucigalpa to speak to our staff, to calm their doubts and answer their questions about the changes to a volunteer staff agreement. The outcome of that meeting was nothing less than a miracle with everyone but one signing our volunteer contract which is what we needed to protect the ministry from law suits before the Ministry of Labor Department. Two months ago almost everyone said they WOULD NOT sign our contract! So before I took flight, God confirmed that He is the one in control of our lives and detailed circumstances.

Four Birthday Celebrations

The day before I left, we were busy in the kitchen making birthday cake for four of our children at NLCH. Kevin who turned 13 was telling me that he was sad because I was leaving before his birthday, so I said, “Let’s celebrate it early before I leave.” During the celebration we give opportunity to the other children to say something special about the birthday children. Kevin had a hard time holding back the tears as his “brothers and sisters” said sweet things about him. He put his head down to hide the tears and kept wiping them away. He is one special sensitive boy who has a strong call of God on his life.

These were our four birthday children. Cristofer turned four on August 4th. Kevin turned 13 and Sandra Julisa turned 5 on August 8th. Heydi turned 5 on August 9th. Danilo and Gerson had birthdays while I was in Africa and Juan Jose has a birthday the day after I arrive and two more by the end of the month. So August is filled with parties.

Travel to Kenya, Africa

I left home on August 7th and I was so thankful for the overnight in Atlanta before boarding the nine hour flight to Amsterdam, 3 hour layover then 8 hours to Nairobi, Kenya. It was unusual down time that helped me get focused on the messages for the three day Women’s Conference. I met up with Pastor Annette Rice, Administrator of AFCM International in Amsterdam. Neither of us had been to Africa before, so when we

were greeted by our taxi driver holding a sign with our names to take us to the guest house for the night, I was so glad I wasn’t alone.

DOM Ministries in Kisumu, our Final Destination

Arriving on August 10th, the first thing on our list was to rest from jet lag. Disciples of Mercy Ministries have been in Kenya for more than 20 years and their compound is impressive. They have hundreds of students from Nursery through High School and Vocational School attending the Christian school on the compound. Their 2 story medical clinic to service the surrounding community with a special HIV unit sends out a team of trained personnel for homes visits. I enjoyed hearing of the Home Base Care program for orphans with around 150 children receiving help while living with a family member. The AFCM Video Bible Schools run by DOM trained pastors in DOM churches and prisons all over Kenya produce hundreds of graduates every year. This is not to mention other conferences and special events held in the central church on the compound throughout the year. In spite of their extensive ministry, this was the first year to hold an ALL women’s conference. And we felt privileged to help kick it off!

Ministry Schedule

Almost every day we had some type of ministry outreach planned. The best way to explain it is with a day by day itinerary.

August 10th Arrive at DOM

August 11th Drove 1 ½ hours to Kisii Women’s Prison to share the love of God

August 12th Sunday Church in Siaya at Word Christian Centre Children’s prison in Kenya

August 13th Staff prayer/Children’s Juvenile Hall (prison) with 150 children

August 14th Staff prayer/Hospital visitation praying for the sick

August 15th Staff prayer/ preparation for conference

August 16th Women’s Conference – I taught on Breaking Intimidation, Annette Rice on Peace in the Midst of the Storm, Barbara Werner on From Glory to Glory.

August 17th Conference themes – Annette Rice taught Pressing On and Pressing In, I spoke on the God Who Sees – Life of Hagar, Barbara spoke on More of the Glory.

August 18th Jennie shared how to stop controlling spirits and walk in your uniqueness, I taught on flowing in the Gifts of the Spirit, Barbara spoke on our Love Walk to operate the gifts, and Annette Rice shared on Listening and Following the Voice of the Spirit.

August 19th Sunday services in different churches, I went to Dago w/Pastor Michael.

August 20th Fun day shopping, visiting the zoo and eating supper at Lake Victoria.

August 21st Begin my 3 day flight home

Testimonies from the Women’s Conference

Both evenings the women gathered together with the DOM pastors to sing and share testimonies of what God was doing in the conference. I joined them the second evening and these are some things that were shared. One lady shared how she received her prayer language while worshipping in one of the services, while others received the infilling of the Holy Spirit when the pastors ministered the night before.

The one word that rang throughout the testimonies was FREEDOM. One lady shared that when Annette Rice prayed for her an oppression left her. Several members of her family had attacks of fainting and screaming for no reason and she believes that the whole family is delivered. Another lady felt heavy and had pain in her neck and body was healed from oppression and pain. One older lady was healed of knee pain and received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some quotes from the testimonies I heard. “We have been set free!”

“I feel refreshed, challenged and ready to go to the next level of glory.”

“I have learned to focus on Christ and walk free.”

“I am so happy because I learned that I am unique!”

“I had been to other conferences and desired to receive the Holy Spirit but never spoke in tongues until Pastor Wesley prayed for me. I feel like a princess staying in these pretty buildings with other people cooking and serving me.”

“I was a barren woman in the spirit but I am pregnant now with the Word and next year you will all see fruit in my life.”

“The thing that impacted me the most was not just what I heard but what I saw. Rev. Barbara’s husband took her hand and led her to the platform to speak and he takes care of her as they walk around the compound holding hands and talking sweet to each other. That is love!”

“When we walk thorough trouble, keep your peace and God is with us to solve every problem.”

“I am married to Christ and He is the Husband of my life. He has cared about my life since I was a child.”

“Even though we have received much rejection we can overcome them and be winners… walk in the market as if you have lots of money.”

“I learned that I have been given authority no matter what happens. Faith is about pressing on to fulfill our destiny.”

It was a huge privilege to be a part of this ministry team to Kenya, Africa. As you van tell from the testimonies, the women’s conference made a big impact on the lives of the ladies that came and I believe that much fruit will produce in their marriages and homes in the coming year.

Thank you for the part you played in praying and giving to make this time fruitful for the Kingdom of God. I also thank you for praying for Ron, Maicah, staff and children at New Life Children’s Home in my absence. We are now back to work in Honduras enjoying our last team of the season from Harvest Christian Church in El Paso, Texas.

God’s abundant blessings on you always!

With love,

Annette for Ron, Maicah and NLCH


Jalaca, Honduras

Dear Friends and Family,                                                                                May/June 2012

Every person on the face of the earth is wonderfully and distinctly made for the Father’s enjoyment and pleasure. After 30 years of ministering in Peru, we never imagined that God would ask us to take care of 50 of His special hand picked children. Each one has a story of tears and laughter, trials and triumph, defeat to victory…but God continues His plan for a beautiful future and destiny for each one of them.

Some days are better than others for us at New Life Children’s Home. :o) Some days we have children that throw rocks at others… kick, scream, bite, hit, throw water, food or other objects just to get attention. Some refuse to go to class and learn their lessons… some have special learning needs that make them feel inferior and they don’t even try to learn. Each one has a little good, bad and ugly in them just like the rest of the human race. Some are like angels that always obey without complaint or even rolling their eyes. Others not only disobey, they are defiant in their response before they are made to obey.

Last week, one of our 11 year old boys refused to go to class with his forth grade teacher who has not been patient or kind since classes started in February. He ran out of class and said he would not return until we get a different teacher. (The teacher is a big part of the problem, for which we are seeking a replacement.) After a week of working on different projects around the home, we had to put our foot down and make him return to class. (You can imagine the battle of wills.) We won though and he had a fairly good week in school, hopefully he will actually learn something this week.

Our heavenly Father has been teaching us a lot through the children. He has been teaching us that no matter how “good” of a parent we may be, the Spirit of God is the only one that can change the heart and adjust behavior of one of these little ones. We pray and believe God daily to establish His law of the Spirit in their hearts and minds.

Please join us in prayer for miraculous changing of hearts and lives of these children!

We have come to understand better the heart of Father God and what He feels about His children. The Father loves each one deeply, no matter how bad we may act during the day, but it thrills His heart when His children are obedient and willing to learn our lessons well. God doesn’t have favorites, but He sure enjoys watching those who love Him and do His will. Let us be one of those who thrill His heart with perfect obedience each day without complaining and whining.

Yeni and Chelli Born Again

On Sunday night I took 7 children to the local church service in Jalaca. After the preaching, during the altar call, I asked Yeni if she had accepted Jesus and she replied, “No.” When I asked if she would like to accept the

Lord she said, “Yes,” but then backed out.

Chelli flat out said, “No”, she didn’t want to receive. On Monday, I prepared a devotional for the older girls about what it really means to be born again and connected with God by the Spirit. Yeni and Chelli both genuinely prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. What a thrill that brought to this mother’s heart!

Summer Teams and Interns

We have 8 interns scheduled to join us for most of the summer, some of which have already arrived. Natalie and Hector are two of those interns. Our first team arrives on June 23rd which is our largest team 33 and other teams continue through August. Please pray for strength for family and staff as well as God’s direction for projects and ministry needing to be accomplished.

This year we plan to spend some extra time with our interns in missions training, especially teaching on the heart of a missionary and working out their call to the nations.

Please pray for God’s guidance and finances for our interns.

Intern/Staff, Hector Carias

Hector has given of himself on volunteer basis for almost a year with little to no monetary funding. He has been invaluable in helping especially with our little boys, even sleeping in their house. He has been a daddy and friend to all the children. Through his connections, many interns have come to minister and have been a huge blessing.

Hector feels called to be a pastor, especially to missionaries. He plans to further his education in the US next year, perhaps at Christ for the Nations. I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting him monthly for the remainder of the year so that he can continue to bless NLCH with his love and service. You may send him gifts through our ministry: AFCM International. Please let us know so we can pass it on to him. Thank you so much!

WANTED Bi-lingual School Teachers

New Life School has been running for 4 years and we need to replace some of the teachers that are not prepared adequately. Our dream is to have Christian teachers that love God and feel called to missions. If you, or someone you know, would like to serve at NLCH this year or next teaching one of our classes of 1st – 8th grade, please let us know.

We are praying for God ordained teachers with a love for kids to serve with us.

Work in the Peruvian Amazon

We continue to fund and encourage our pastors and leaders in Iquitos. Pastor Warring and some of our mission graduates traveled to Tapiche, Mazan and Negro Urco doing Word Seminars with our river leaders in April and May. In spite of the flooding that reached record levels in April that hindered some from coming to the meetings, there were good reports of salvations, baptisms and ministry times.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for Pastors Warring and Ana as they lead the ministry further into the will and purposes of God. We plan to return to Peru for a couple of weeks in October to hold Daughters of Destiny meetings and AFCM Family Reunions in Cusco and in Santa Clotilde on the Napo River. If you would like to join us for one of the two Peru Family Reunions, please let us know soon as we are confirming the dates.

Sponsor a Child

Several new sponsors have joined our family helping with monthly gifts for the children who still lack sponsors, especially since Ron’s trip to California and the AFCM West Coast Family Reunion in May. We still need more sponsors though. Shelly is putting together new sponsor packages for all those interested. If you would like her to send you one, please contact her at: Shelly can also tell you who need sponsors and give you some information on them.

Ron is working with Lawrence, a friend who comes down to help out with summer projects, laying out the new girl’s house for the teams. Ron also started Royal Rangers with the boys, which has gotten them excited. We will be starting Missionettes later on this month with the girls.

Women’s Ministry

Annette has an invitation to go to Kenya, Africa in August to speak at AFCM Africa women’s conference. We believe God to finance this trip, if you would like to help cover expenses for airfare please send your offering to AFCM, P.O. Box 1918, Willmar, MN.

We are so grateful for your prayers and financial gifts for Peru, Honduras and the nations.

In the Master´s service,

Ron and Annette Thiesen                      

AFCM International                                        In His Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 1918                                                     P.O. Box 14154
Willmar, MN 56201                                       Tulsa, OK 74159

2012 Update

Dear Friends and Partners,

In spite of the three days of rain and mud we encountered during the 4th Daughters of Destiny Conference in Iquitos, Peru, many women showed up and were blessed. This year’s conference was called Preparing the Bride for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.

The team of 17 speakers taught powerful themes like: The Call of the Bridegroom, Reflecting the Beauty of the Lord, the Adornment of the Bride, Release Beauty through Purity and Holiness, The Arms of the Beloved, Passion for Souls, The Trumpets that Announce His Arrival, How to Hear the Voice of God, Marriage Like Christ and the Church, The Beloved in the Song of Songs, Intimacy with the Beloved, Presenting the Bride Adorned for the Wedding Feast and more. In each teaching and ministry time there was a challenge to fall deeper in love with Christ, to hear His heart beat and obey His voice.

The Spirit of the Lord is wooing the Bride of Christ and preparing her for the second coming. The wedding apparel for the bride is righteous works which is the fine linen of Revelations 19:8. The church of Jesus Christ has been distracted by many trials and tribulations of the world around us and the Holy Spirit is using those things to move us deeper into His presence where we trust only in Him. That place of intimacy where we denounce self-sufficiency and depend totally on Him for health, strength, finances, wisdom and life itself. It is the place where the true works of God are birthed.

In 2012, we, the church and bride of Christ, will walk in greater authority on earth establishing His kingdom in the nations through intimacy with the Beloved. Those who do not de-robe themselves of selfish carnal activities and mindsets will find themselves unprepared to face the challenges of these end times in which we live. This is the message of Daughters of Destiny to the nations this year.

River Leaders

We had over 100 arrive from river communities, leaders and their wives from different zones. Ron, Pastor Warring and two other pastors from Iquitos taught the regional leaders seminar in the mornings and afternoons at another location, and in the evenings they joined the women for evening services.

Testimonies – a few of the many…

Jennifer is the new wife of Julio Valles, our praise and worship leader at Ciudad de Dios and our spiritual son. She has been fighting with intestinal disorder and pain since a surgery she underwent over a year ago making it difficult to eat properly. Three times during the conference the Lord spoke to her through different ministers that she was healed. Sunday after the conference she testified before the congregation of the manifestation of that healing. Thank you Jesus!

Niki, a young mother from Santa Clotilde, shared that she was discouraged over problems in the home. Now she is strengthened, filled and encouraged to continue in children’s ministry in her city.

Olivia, an older woman from the Napo River, testified that she was not going to come because she didn’t feel like it was her place. During the conference she received many words of encouragement and returned home happy and full of the Spirit to share with others in her community.


On March 22nd, a team of women will fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina for our second visit to that nation. We plan on duplicating our Iquitos conference as much as possible. On March 23th, 24th and 25th, we will be at Aguilas Vision Church with Pastors Osvaldo and Liliana Cicka. The conference will be televised on channel 11 Christian TV station and viewed in Buenos Aires and surrounding communities. We will visit other churches throughout the city from March 26th thru April 1st.

Please pray for this trip that the church in Argentina would be blessed and continue to grow in maturity, obeying the voice of the Spirit in reaching the lost and preparing them for the return of Christ. One of the main focuses we have as a ministry is to empower women to rescue children and families that are trapped in darkness. One of the ways that we do this is by teaching family values and PARE (STOP sexual abuse among children), however, we lack finances for airfare and expenses to take our speaker for this course to Argentina.

If you would like to sow into Argentina through Daughters of Destiny, please make checks payable to Spirit, Soul and Body Ministries with DOD on the memo line for tax deductible receipt or to AFCM International (addresses below).

Chiclayo, Peru

We are planning our first conference in the northern coastal city of Chiclayo on April 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Pastor Enzo Andia has been asking us to come to his city for close to a year. It is the third largest city in Peru and we look forward to planting the Word of God in the hearts of many women in that city. Please pray for fertile ground in the spirit that much fruit will come forth for the Kingdom.

Honduras Home Base

As many of you already know, Ron and I have taken on New Life Children’s Home founded by my parents, Jim and Georgia Lamont, in Jalaca, Honduras. We are continuing the vision of rescuing children from diverse circumstances, giving them a home and family to love, and training them to be leaders in their nation. We will travel to and from the home to hold Daughters of Destiny conferences in other nations. If you would like to join us on any of these trips, please don’t hesitate to write.

God’s richest blessings as you establish the Kingdom on earth,

Annette Thiesen
President of Daughters of Destiny

Spirit, Soul and Body                           Ministries AFCM
P.O. Box 1132                                    P.O. Box 1918
Cicero, NY 13039                                Willmar, MN 56201

Our daughter, Anna and Willie Malpartida’s Wedding was a beautiful image from the Father of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb on January 6th.

Conference in Honduras

Dear Friends and Co-laborers,

First, I would like to thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Daughters of Destiny Conference in Honduras last week. What the Lord did through the team of anointed powerful women was tremendous. This was the first event of this ministry in Honduras and many women were touched and lives were changed.

New Life Children’s Home

As many of you know, we are serving in Jalaca, Honduras at the children’s home that Annette’s parents founded over 8 years ago. We have 35 children under our charge together with the New Life Elementary school. Now that her parents are older, it is harder for them to handle the ministry by themselves, and they have asked us to take the ministry forward. Many of the children accompanied us to the meetings throughout the week and were touched by the presence of God.

Prayer and Fasting

During the month of October before the speakers arrived, Ruth Kerr (Ron’s sister) and Annette held three separate days of fasting and prayer which were days of preparation and blessing for the women who attended. During these times many of the women received the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of the gift of tongues spoken of in the Bible and those who were already filled received more. Excitement rose in each one as we prayed for the conference that would follow, taking authority over evil spirits of death and violence that torment the people daily. They were powerful times of prayer and intercession for Honduras.

Village of Guaimaca

Rosie Prunoske from New York arrived first on October 28th, and we kicked off the week ministering in Guaimaca on October 29th. The small church filled with many women bound by fear and other problems and they were set free before leaving that night. Also several women accepted the Lord as their Savior. Rose had a word of knowledge for healing from knee pain and five women received healing. Others received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

We prayed for one young mother who had been battling with drug and alcohol abuse. Later through tears she said, “I know that I have been set free tonight!” A family of women were comforted and strengthened by the Holy Spirit after the recent death of their father/husband.

Village of Jalaca

On October 29th, three team members arrived from Peru: Sol Jimenez from Lima, Ana Cabrera and Morgan Paredes from Iquitos. Pastor Simone and James Fouraker arrived on October 30th from Jacksonville, Florida completing the team. With these six speakers, we continued the work that the Lord had already started.

The team that taught Family Values and PARE (prevention of sexual abuse among children) under the leadership of Ana Cabrera and Sol Jimenez, prepared with some of the youth from New Life Children’s Home, went to the first school called Agustin Cordova that is located in the community of Jalaca. We presented the program to over 100 students together with teachers and some parents. The teaching and the ministry of the love of God to heal and protect them from evil was impacting. We prayed over each student and adult, laying on hands while we prayed and released the love of God. This program of Family Values and PARE were repeated in the cities of Porvenir and Talanga, ministering to more than 800 children from elementary and high schools.

Village of Porvenir

After ministering in the school in Porvenir on November 3rd, we held the Daughters of Destiny conference in the Church of Prophesy. The anointed Word of God went forth and five people received salvation, ten people received healing from knee pain after a word of knowledge, and 20 received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. There were many prophetic words over people that brought encouragement to go forward and take their places in the army of the Lord.

Village of Talanga

The main conference was in Talanga on November 4th and 5th where we taught on following subjects: Where is Revival?, The Power of God’s Grace, The Mysteries of the Kingdom, The Righteousness of God in Us, Defenders of the Weak, Preparing the End Time Army and more. Several people received salvation and 25-30 received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Others received physical healing from pain in their bones, backs, and knees. The prophetic word that went forth and the corporate intercession over Talanga were tremendous during the morning session.

Sunday, November 6th

We had Sunday school at New Life Children’s Home for the kids in the morning that was really nice. The children sang, played games, acted out the Good Samaritan, learning Bible verses and lessons and were ministered to by the power of God. Now 15 of our children have received the infilling of the Spirit and we see greater desire for the things of God in their every day lives.

Some of the team ministered in one of the churches that participated in the conference during the Sunday evening service, and the anointing of God was tangible and powerful. Through revelation of spiritual gifts of knowledge 4 people received healing from stomach pain, 6 received the infilling of the Spirit, the pastor’s marriage was restored and 4 businesses were prayed for and blessed. God is marvelous! He has a powerful plan to restore the nations. We only have to say, “Here I am Lord, send me…”

Next Daughters of Destiny Conference

Our next conference is scheduled for Iquitos the 12-14th of January. The theme for this year is Preparing the Bride for the Wedding Feast. If you would like to join us, please contact me soon.

If you would like to sow seed to help with air fare, printing and other expenses please make checks payable to Spirit, Soul and Body Ministries with Daughters of Destiny or DOD on the memo line for tax deductible receipt.

God’s richest blessings on all you do for the Kingdom,

Annette Thiesen
President of Daughters of Destiny

Spirit, Soul and Body Ministries
P.O. Box 1132
Cicero, NY 13039

Praise Report for Daughters of Destiny in Yurimaguas

Our team of 9 experienced speakers made for a super charged event as we ministered to ladies who needed healing and deliverance. The Spirit of God orchestrated the event by placing one teaching that complemented and paved the way for the next. The themes for the first day were Take back what the Devil has Stolen, Walking in the Spirit, and The Glory of God Revealed. The teachings for the second day were Walking under Open Heavens, Preparing for the Unexpected and the Trumpets of Revival. The third and final day were PARE Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Children, Rescuing the Next Generation, Planting Seeds for Revival and the Power of your Words to Sow Seeds for the Harvest. The Spirit of the Lord spoke clearly through the preaching of the Word and blessed those present.

There were testimonies of immediate healing after prayer and ministry time. One woman had horrible stomach pains caused by gastritis attacks and she was instantly healed. Another young man could hardly sit down because of pain down his spinal column that was healed.

The leader singer of the praise and worship band, Hugo, had been suffering with stomach problems and was on a special diet because of the constant pain. The last night we prayed for the band and he was healed. He even went out afterwards and ate chicken and French fries with no problem, which he had not been able to eat for a while.

The drum player, Hugo’s brother Jorge, felt the supernatural love of God last year during the conference. This year he desired to be filled with joy and laughter like he had seen so many others do before. He shared how the hand of God was so heavy upon him that he fell to his knees in tears weeping, then it turned to laughter and he couldn’t stop, and finally a tremendous peace filled his heart. His girl friend also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit along with many others.

The testimonies go on and on, but there is not enough space in this letter to share it all. Suffice to say that many were touched by the anointed Word and power of the Spirit of God. Thank you for praying!!

Daughters of Destiny in Honduras

On Wednesday, Annette has a meeting with some of the pastoras from Talanga that have expressed a desire to help organize the November 1-5th event. The plan is to have a one day event in three different villages in the rural area and a two day event in the larger city of Talanga. There are two Peruvian ministers coming and several from the US to join our Honduran team. Please pray for healing, deliverance and restoration in the lives of the women of Honduras.

Willmar Crusade

Annette will be traveling to Willmar, Minnesota on October 4th -14th to translate into English for Alexandra Zamora in the city wide crusade. It has been amazing to see how the Latin and Anglo churches have rallied around this crusade to bring the gospel message to every family in Willmar. We truly believe that revival is hitting Willmar! For more info you can check out the following website:

Thank you for being an invaluable part of our team through financial and prayer support!
We pray God’s abundant blessings on you,
Ron and Annette Thiesen

Dear Friends and Partners, August 24, 2011

Thank you so much for praying!! God did amazing things during our trip to Santa Clotilde and He gets ALL of the glory!

Our city church pastors, Warring and Ana, had taken a team of 5 from Iquitos two days earlier to decorate the theater, coordinate the kitchen activities and receive the people as they arrived. Housing that many people is a real chore! Thank God for good leaders!

There were close to 450 people including men, women and children that gathered for the double event. The village churches donated two buffalo, more than a dozen chickens, several tubs of dried fish, a huge pile of plantain bananas, lemons, papaya and manioc among other things. We enjoyed an abundance of food and provision, praise the Lord!

Daughters of Destiny
The team of 6 lady pastors from different churches around Iquitos together with a few husbands and friends filled up the local speedboat for the one hour ride to Baradero. Then we took about a 15 minute ride on motorcars across the land bridge between the Amazon and the Napo Rivers. Once in Mazan, we waited for the next speedboat to return to take us 5 hours up river to Santa Clotilde. It was an enjoyable journey with the excitement level high among the team.

Annette kicked off Daughters of Destiny with the theme Sound the Trumpets of Revival, which set the stage for healing and deliverance among the ladies. This was followed with anointed messages like: Take Back What the Devil has Stolen, Healing the Broken Hearted, Faith that Moves Mountains, Breaking Ties of the Past, Increase your Harvest, Taking your Divine Authority and more. The afternoon workshops were on training children and becoming a children’s worker as well as PARE which is prevention of sexual abuse in children.

Healing Testimonies
It was wonderful to hear the many testimonies of those healed and delivered during the ministry time. One young mother was healed of terrible pain in her mid section caused by her pancreas, according to the doctors. With tears in her eyes, she shared her testimony of healing with the congregation.

A little grandma with diabetes suffered from clouded vision. During ministry time the first day she began to shout, “Glory to God, glory to God, I can see, I’m healed!” Her vision was totally clear. Her 11 year old granddaughter was also healed of horrible pain in her lower abdomen caused by a virus that she contacted as a little girl from sitting nude in the dirt, abandoned by her parents until her grandma took her home to raise. Both grandma and granddaughter also received the infilling of the Holy Spirit with great joy!

Pastors Andres and Loida are the leaders of the church in Santa Clotilde. Loida’s mom arrived the second day with terrible pain in her neck, back and legs that made it difficult to walk. She could not walk alone. After prayer, she walked by herself with no pain! Tears of joy and a huge smile replaced the pain and suffering. The last evening she was testifying to others of God’s wonderful works.

Many more had pain in their bodies and were oppressed, but later told of healing and deliverance after prayer. After the afternoon workshop on PARE, a young mother with her 10 year old daughter came up saying that her daughter had recently been abused and they had a meeting at the police station that night to denounce the person. The little girl had shame and fear painfully etched on her face and could hardly look up at us. By the time we finished praying and ministering to her it was evident that God’s hand of comfort and healing were upon her.

The second day a native woman came up after the meeting and said with tears in her eyes, “I feel so bound up inside. Will you help me? I want to have the Spirit of God work in my life.” She had ancestors that had been witch doctors. Several of the team began to pray for her… afterward she told of a dark presence leaving her and a great light shone all around her. She also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! God is so good!

During the conference, the men and husbands were with Ron and four other pastors receiving appropriate teachings on becoming the men of God they have been called to be. They were also challenged to stop making excuses like Moses did and answer the call of God knowing that He is with them wherever they go. There were many other healing testimonies throughout the meetings as well.

AFCM Family Reunion
The pastors from other churches in Iquitos had to return after Daughters of Destiny, but Pastor Anthony Boney (from USA) and Eliana Tello stayed to help teach the book Walking in the Spirit, Walking in Power by Pastor Dave Roberson. Everyone was encouraged to pray in the Spirit continually to edify themselves, build up their faith and mortify the flesh, so that they can be used by God more powerfully every day.

During the afternoon sessions while Ron was teaching on principles for a happy marriage to the couples, Pastor Warring and the team of youth from our church in Iquitos ministered the baptism of the Spirit to the youth to help them fight lustful passions that tempt them. Ruth Kerr and Eliana Tello also ministered the baptism of the Spirit to the children.

The last evening the mayor and some of his team joined us in the service to thank us for praying for him. There was a threat of being kicked out of office by a rival candidate but the complaint against him was cancelled after we prayed for him as a congregation. Pastor Andres is working with the mayor as public administrator helping take care of the needs of the people under his jurisdiction.

Water Baptism
On the last afternoon, most of us went to the river to watch 28 people get baptized. It’s always exciting to watch new believers take this crucial step of commitment to Christ. We finished off with a baby dedication with many families dedicating their little ones to God and His purposes for their lives.

Ucayali River Seminar
Ron left on Tuesday, August 16th, as a guest speaker for a Baptist mission. They invited him to speak on the Power of the Holy Spirit. Around 11 communities gathered for the three day seminar with people hungry to know God better. Ron and Morgan taught the course Knowing the Times in Which we Live which is about the revivals of God in history and where we are in God’s time line. God has restored the power of the Spirit to us as end time believers and many received the baptism of the Spirit. He should be back today.

Daughters of Destiny – Yurimaguas
On Saturday, August 27th, around 15 ladies will climb aboard a launch for the 3 day ride to Yurimaguas for our second annual ladies conference. The meetings start Sept. 1-3rd. Please pray for a great outpouring on the women as they are healed, restored and take their place in the end time army of the Lord.

Thank you so much for being a part of the prayer shield that is so important on the front lines of the spiritual battle for the hearts and souls of people! Your rewards will be great in heaven!

Co-laboring together for the Kingdom,

Annette Thiesen for Ron and family

1 Corintians 2:9-10 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.

The Spirit of the Lord is revealing more mysteries from heaven in these last days as the purposes of God are being established in the nations of the earth. There is much to do to prepare for the coming of Christ, to teach the body, to make the Bride ready for the Bridegroom, to wash out every stain and wrinkle in her garments and to present her as a joint heir with Christ.

The final goal of the Father is to bring each one of his children into the full image and stature of Christ so that we can enjoy and walk in the fullness of the divine nature of God. All flesh MUST die and all darkness MUST flee for the Glory of God to manifest in the earth. There is a great release of conviction and fear of the Lord over the Church at this hour.

This is the hour for prayer revival. Spirit led prayer with groaning and utterances led by the Spirit are what open the mysteries of God in the earth.

Romans 8:26-27 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

It’s time to enter our prayer closets both privately and corporately to pray out the mysteries so they can be released from heaven. The groaning and intercession of the Spirit release the prophetic voice to declare the Word of the Lord with power and authority over the dark places of our lives, cities and nations.

The double edged sword of the prophetic (Rhema) together with the written (Logos) Word of God spoken from a believing heart moves great mountains of darkness, sin and evil that were previously established in the earth. We, the heirs of God and children of the Most High, are called to manifest the power of the Kingdom on the earth with great signs and wonders so that all men will believe, bow their knee and confess with their tongue that Jesus Christ is Lord over ALL!

The power of God for signs and wonders can NOT and will NOT be placed in unclean jars of clay. We must have holy lives!! We must pay the price to die to the flesh through times of fasting and praying led by the Spirit. No more fleshy displays of religion parading itself as super spiritual all the while sinful lusts are lurking in the dark corners of the mind and soul.

The Spirit of the Lord is trying ALL hearts, weighing us in the balance. Will we obey the Word? Will we fulfill our spoken commitments to the Lord? Will our good intentions to spend more time in His presence, studying His Word, worshipping and praying turn into action and become good works? Or will we continue to be fleshy carnal Christians occupied with petty jealousies and earthly ambitions?

There is a call in the Spirit. There is a deep call from the heart of God… the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God, (1 Cor. 2.10). There is a searching of the deep love of God, the heart of God being revealed to the lost and dying of the world.

It is not some mystic hidden doctrine that crafty men use to distract the Body of Christ from the true purposes of God. It is the Gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the world for salvation through signs and wonders that display the glorious power of the blood of Jesus to forgive all sin and transform all sinners into sons and daughters of God. The deep and profound mysteries of God all point to this eternal truth and purpose of the heart of God to bring all things into submission under one head, that is Christ.

Ephesians 1:9-10 Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself: That in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him.

The mystery of His will is to gather all things together, unite heaven and earth together in Christ so that He has the preeminence over all things. The rule of Christ manifested in the earth through His Body is the final destiny of the church.

It is urgent that we join with heaven in prayer before the throne of God to do our part in ushering in the coming of Christ. We MUST be about the Father’s business in these last days otherwise the great darkness that is being released in the earth will engulf us and suck us into the deception of the enemy, enchain us in darkness and make us unfruitful for the kingdom. We will not only loose our great reward reserved in heaven for us, but we could even be in danger of hell fire itself.

So I plead with you, beloved of the Lord, make the decision to draw near to the Father daily. Allow Him to deliver and set you free so you can be an instrument of righteousness and holiness in the earth in these last days. May the peace of God rule and reign in your heart!

Argentina Update

The Lord sent us as a team of 12 ladies (8 speakers) with a specific message for the nation which was very well received. The message was, “Arise to join the end time army of the Lord taking His power and glory to all people!” I’d like to share the events on a day by day basis to give you the full impact. The Lord told us in prayer before hand that He would establish a new order in the Spirit.

Day one – In the morning, we visited the Government building and prayed for Congressman Ricardo, a believer. We prayed for healing from stomach problems and he fell out under the power of the Spirit. He also had prophetic words about God bringing people to him and calling him to high places of spiritual authority over the nation. He was very blessed and thanked us for the visit.

We were greeted by Pastora Monica presenting us to the heads of 15-20 women’s organizations from all over Argentina. We presented the message: Sound the Alarm and Call to Battle the troops of Argentina, both men and women for the end time harvest, which was very well received. Pastora Leyla, one of the team, gave a Word about the church becoming whole as man and woman become equal in the Spirit to rule and reign with Christ on the earth.

Day two – Early in the afternoon, Rose Prunoske, Mercedes de Malpartida and Marisa Vargas went with Pastor Hugo, the coordinator of the event, to visit the National Congress where Daughters of Destiny was presented as a ministry helping women in the nation.

In the evening, we went to southern Buenos Aires where I gave the same message of a Call to Rise up as the End Time Army of Christ in the Earth. After that came the workshops: Ruth Kerr – Reaching your destiny by the power of the Spirit; Zoila Peña – Weapons of Spiritual Authority; and Ana Cabrera– PARE, Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Children. The evening ended with Leyla giving a 15 minute preaching on The Laughter of Sarah, which was a message of God’s promises accomplished in our lives.

Day three – In the morning, part of the team went to channel 20 national TV station (part of Enlace that is shown all over South and Central America) to share live about Daughters of Destiny and pray for the audience. It was an awesome time with words of knowledge for healing and deliverance!

In the evening, we went to Centro de Adoración, Pastora Patricia. There was exuberant warfare worship led by Gabriela, pastor’s daughter. I opened the evening with the same message for the End Time Army. Marisa followed with Divine order in Family and Ministry, and then Rose finished up with the Bride Making herself Ready. The whole team ministered to the congregation until midnight, praying for many.

Day four – In the morning, part of the team went back to the TV station where each one shared a message from their heart, then we did prophetic prayer as we poured oil over the land that was brought from the four points of the nation. We declared Christ as the only king over Argentina. It was powerful!

In the afternoon, we went to Catedral Emanuel with Pastora Cristina. I started off with the same message, then we went into four workshops: Ana with Prevention of Sexual Abuse to Children, Marisa with Marital Conflicts, Mercedes with Family Violence, and Zoila with Walking in Purity as Single Women. Pastora Leyla spoke to 50 or so pastoras after the workshops about obeying the Spirit and not bowing to the pressures that the congregation put on them. Rose and I ministered on preparing the Bride in the evening service. There was powerful ministry time with healing and impartation of power by the Spirit.

Day five – In the morning, Rose, Ruth and Zoila went to the church at the TV station. After enjoying an Argentinean cookout with several pastors in the afternoon, we broke up into six groups and went to different churches to minister with wonderful reports from each evening service.

The pastors that traveled with Daughters of Destiny to Argentina were a true blessing and were equally blessed as well.

(standing, left to right) Zoila Peña de Castro, Mercedes Gomez de Malpartida, Marisa Vargas (Argentine, resident in Peru), Annette Thiesen, Ana Cabrera de Angulo, Ruth Kerr (missionary to Peru), Rose Prunoske (American)
(sitting) Leyla de Poblete