The Lord sent us as a team of 12 ladies (8 speakers) with a specific message for the nation which was very well received. The message was, “Arise to join the end time army of the Lord taking His power and glory to all people!” I’d like to share the events on a day by day basis to give you the full impact. The Lord told us in prayer before hand that He would establish a new order in the Spirit.

Day one – In the morning, we visited the Government building and prayed for Congressman Ricardo, a believer. We prayed for healing from stomach problems and he fell out under the power of the Spirit. He also had prophetic words about God bringing people to him and calling him to high places of spiritual authority over the nation. He was very blessed and thanked us for the visit.

We were greeted by Pastora Monica presenting us to the heads of 15-20 women’s organizations from all over Argentina. We presented the message: Sound the Alarm and Call to Battle the troops of Argentina, both men and women for the end time harvest, which was very well received. Pastora Leyla, one of the team, gave a Word about the church becoming whole as man and woman become equal in the Spirit to rule and reign with Christ on the earth.

Day two – Early in the afternoon, Rose Prunoske, Mercedes de Malpartida and Marisa Vargas went with Pastor Hugo, the coordinator of the event, to visit the National Congress where Daughters of Destiny was presented as a ministry helping women in the nation.

In the evening, we went to southern Buenos Aires where I gave the same message of a Call to Rise up as the End Time Army of Christ in the Earth. After that came the workshops: Ruth Kerr – Reaching your destiny by the power of the Spirit; Zoila Peña – Weapons of Spiritual Authority; and Ana Cabrera– PARE, Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Children. The evening ended with Leyla giving a 15 minute preaching on The Laughter of Sarah, which was a message of God’s promises accomplished in our lives.

Day three – In the morning, part of the team went to channel 20 national TV station (part of Enlace that is shown all over South and Central America) to share live about Daughters of Destiny and pray for the audience. It was an awesome time with words of knowledge for healing and deliverance!

In the evening, we went to Centro de Adoración, Pastora Patricia. There was exuberant warfare worship led by Gabriela, pastor’s daughter. I opened the evening with the same message for the End Time Army. Marisa followed with Divine order in Family and Ministry, and then Rose finished up with the Bride Making herself Ready. The whole team ministered to the congregation until midnight, praying for many.

Day four – In the morning, part of the team went back to the TV station where each one shared a message from their heart, then we did prophetic prayer as we poured oil over the land that was brought from the four points of the nation. We declared Christ as the only king over Argentina. It was powerful!

In the afternoon, we went to Catedral Emanuel with Pastora Cristina. I started off with the same message, then we went into four workshops: Ana with Prevention of Sexual Abuse to Children, Marisa with Marital Conflicts, Mercedes with Family Violence, and Zoila with Walking in Purity as Single Women. Pastora Leyla spoke to 50 or so pastoras after the workshops about obeying the Spirit and not bowing to the pressures that the congregation put on them. Rose and I ministered on preparing the Bride in the evening service. There was powerful ministry time with healing and impartation of power by the Spirit.

Day five – In the morning, Rose, Ruth and Zoila went to the church at the TV station. After enjoying an Argentinean cookout with several pastors in the afternoon, we broke up into six groups and went to different churches to minister with wonderful reports from each evening service.