Dear Friends and Partners, August 24, 2011

Thank you so much for praying!! God did amazing things during our trip to Santa Clotilde and He gets ALL of the glory!

Our city church pastors, Warring and Ana, had taken a team of 5 from Iquitos two days earlier to decorate the theater, coordinate the kitchen activities and receive the people as they arrived. Housing that many people is a real chore! Thank God for good leaders!

There were close to 450 people including men, women and children that gathered for the double event. The village churches donated two buffalo, more than a dozen chickens, several tubs of dried fish, a huge pile of plantain bananas, lemons, papaya and manioc among other things. We enjoyed an abundance of food and provision, praise the Lord!

Daughters of Destiny
The team of 6 lady pastors from different churches around Iquitos together with a few husbands and friends filled up the local speedboat for the one hour ride to Baradero. Then we took about a 15 minute ride on motorcars across the land bridge between the Amazon and the Napo Rivers. Once in Mazan, we waited for the next speedboat to return to take us 5 hours up river to Santa Clotilde. It was an enjoyable journey with the excitement level high among the team.

Annette kicked off Daughters of Destiny with the theme Sound the Trumpets of Revival, which set the stage for healing and deliverance among the ladies. This was followed with anointed messages like: Take Back What the Devil has Stolen, Healing the Broken Hearted, Faith that Moves Mountains, Breaking Ties of the Past, Increase your Harvest, Taking your Divine Authority and more. The afternoon workshops were on training children and becoming a children’s worker as well as PARE which is prevention of sexual abuse in children.

Healing Testimonies
It was wonderful to hear the many testimonies of those healed and delivered during the ministry time. One young mother was healed of terrible pain in her mid section caused by her pancreas, according to the doctors. With tears in her eyes, she shared her testimony of healing with the congregation.

A little grandma with diabetes suffered from clouded vision. During ministry time the first day she began to shout, “Glory to God, glory to God, I can see, I’m healed!” Her vision was totally clear. Her 11 year old granddaughter was also healed of horrible pain in her lower abdomen caused by a virus that she contacted as a little girl from sitting nude in the dirt, abandoned by her parents until her grandma took her home to raise. Both grandma and granddaughter also received the infilling of the Holy Spirit with great joy!

Pastors Andres and Loida are the leaders of the church in Santa Clotilde. Loida’s mom arrived the second day with terrible pain in her neck, back and legs that made it difficult to walk. She could not walk alone. After prayer, she walked by herself with no pain! Tears of joy and a huge smile replaced the pain and suffering. The last evening she was testifying to others of God’s wonderful works.

Many more had pain in their bodies and were oppressed, but later told of healing and deliverance after prayer. After the afternoon workshop on PARE, a young mother with her 10 year old daughter came up saying that her daughter had recently been abused and they had a meeting at the police station that night to denounce the person. The little girl had shame and fear painfully etched on her face and could hardly look up at us. By the time we finished praying and ministering to her it was evident that God’s hand of comfort and healing were upon her.

The second day a native woman came up after the meeting and said with tears in her eyes, “I feel so bound up inside. Will you help me? I want to have the Spirit of God work in my life.” She had ancestors that had been witch doctors. Several of the team began to pray for her… afterward she told of a dark presence leaving her and a great light shone all around her. She also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! God is so good!

During the conference, the men and husbands were with Ron and four other pastors receiving appropriate teachings on becoming the men of God they have been called to be. They were also challenged to stop making excuses like Moses did and answer the call of God knowing that He is with them wherever they go. There were many other healing testimonies throughout the meetings as well.

AFCM Family Reunion
The pastors from other churches in Iquitos had to return after Daughters of Destiny, but Pastor Anthony Boney (from USA) and Eliana Tello stayed to help teach the book Walking in the Spirit, Walking in Power by Pastor Dave Roberson. Everyone was encouraged to pray in the Spirit continually to edify themselves, build up their faith and mortify the flesh, so that they can be used by God more powerfully every day.

During the afternoon sessions while Ron was teaching on principles for a happy marriage to the couples, Pastor Warring and the team of youth from our church in Iquitos ministered the baptism of the Spirit to the youth to help them fight lustful passions that tempt them. Ruth Kerr and Eliana Tello also ministered the baptism of the Spirit to the children.

The last evening the mayor and some of his team joined us in the service to thank us for praying for him. There was a threat of being kicked out of office by a rival candidate but the complaint against him was cancelled after we prayed for him as a congregation. Pastor Andres is working with the mayor as public administrator helping take care of the needs of the people under his jurisdiction.

Water Baptism
On the last afternoon, most of us went to the river to watch 28 people get baptized. It’s always exciting to watch new believers take this crucial step of commitment to Christ. We finished off with a baby dedication with many families dedicating their little ones to God and His purposes for their lives.

Ucayali River Seminar
Ron left on Tuesday, August 16th, as a guest speaker for a Baptist mission. They invited him to speak on the Power of the Holy Spirit. Around 11 communities gathered for the three day seminar with people hungry to know God better. Ron and Morgan taught the course Knowing the Times in Which we Live which is about the revivals of God in history and where we are in God’s time line. God has restored the power of the Spirit to us as end time believers and many received the baptism of the Spirit. He should be back today.

Daughters of Destiny – Yurimaguas
On Saturday, August 27th, around 15 ladies will climb aboard a launch for the 3 day ride to Yurimaguas for our second annual ladies conference. The meetings start Sept. 1-3rd. Please pray for a great outpouring on the women as they are healed, restored and take their place in the end time army of the Lord.

Thank you so much for being a part of the prayer shield that is so important on the front lines of the spiritual battle for the hearts and souls of people! Your rewards will be great in heaven!

Co-laboring together for the Kingdom,

Annette Thiesen for Ron and family