Dear Friends and Co-laborers,

First, I would like to thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Daughters of Destiny Conference in Honduras last week. What the Lord did through the team of anointed powerful women was tremendous. This was the first event of this ministry in Honduras and many women were touched and lives were changed.

New Life Children’s Home

As many of you know, we are serving in Jalaca, Honduras at the children’s home that Annette’s parents founded over 8 years ago. We have 35 children under our charge together with the New Life Elementary school. Now that her parents are older, it is harder for them to handle the ministry by themselves, and they have asked us to take the ministry forward. Many of the children accompanied us to the meetings throughout the week and were touched by the presence of God.

Prayer and Fasting

During the month of October before the speakers arrived, Ruth Kerr (Ron’s sister) and Annette held three separate days of fasting and prayer which were days of preparation and blessing for the women who attended. During these times many of the women received the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of the gift of tongues spoken of in the Bible and those who were already filled received more. Excitement rose in each one as we prayed for the conference that would follow, taking authority over evil spirits of death and violence that torment the people daily. They were powerful times of prayer and intercession for Honduras.

Village of Guaimaca

Rosie Prunoske from New York arrived first on October 28th, and we kicked off the week ministering in Guaimaca on October 29th. The small church filled with many women bound by fear and other problems and they were set free before leaving that night. Also several women accepted the Lord as their Savior. Rose had a word of knowledge for healing from knee pain and five women received healing. Others received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

We prayed for one young mother who had been battling with drug and alcohol abuse. Later through tears she said, “I know that I have been set free tonight!” A family of women were comforted and strengthened by the Holy Spirit after the recent death of their father/husband.

Village of Jalaca

On October 29th, three team members arrived from Peru: Sol Jimenez from Lima, Ana Cabrera and Morgan Paredes from Iquitos. Pastor Simone and James Fouraker arrived on October 30th from Jacksonville, Florida completing the team. With these six speakers, we continued the work that the Lord had already started.

The team that taught Family Values and PARE (prevention of sexual abuse among children) under the leadership of Ana Cabrera and Sol Jimenez, prepared with some of the youth from New Life Children’s Home, went to the first school called Agustin Cordova that is located in the community of Jalaca. We presented the program to over 100 students together with teachers and some parents. The teaching and the ministry of the love of God to heal and protect them from evil was impacting. We prayed over each student and adult, laying on hands while we prayed and released the love of God. This program of Family Values and PARE were repeated in the cities of Porvenir and Talanga, ministering to more than 800 children from elementary and high schools.

Village of Porvenir

After ministering in the school in Porvenir on November 3rd, we held the Daughters of Destiny conference in the Church of Prophesy. The anointed Word of God went forth and five people received salvation, ten people received healing from knee pain after a word of knowledge, and 20 received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. There were many prophetic words over people that brought encouragement to go forward and take their places in the army of the Lord.

Village of Talanga

The main conference was in Talanga on November 4th and 5th where we taught on following subjects: Where is Revival?, The Power of God’s Grace, The Mysteries of the Kingdom, The Righteousness of God in Us, Defenders of the Weak, Preparing the End Time Army and more. Several people received salvation and 25-30 received the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Others received physical healing from pain in their bones, backs, and knees. The prophetic word that went forth and the corporate intercession over Talanga were tremendous during the morning session.

Sunday, November 6th

We had Sunday school at New Life Children’s Home for the kids in the morning that was really nice. The children sang, played games, acted out the Good Samaritan, learning Bible verses and lessons and were ministered to by the power of God. Now 15 of our children have received the infilling of the Spirit and we see greater desire for the things of God in their every day lives.

Some of the team ministered in one of the churches that participated in the conference during the Sunday evening service, and the anointing of God was tangible and powerful. Through revelation of spiritual gifts of knowledge 4 people received healing from stomach pain, 6 received the infilling of the Spirit, the pastor’s marriage was restored and 4 businesses were prayed for and blessed. God is marvelous! He has a powerful plan to restore the nations. We only have to say, “Here I am Lord, send me…”

Next Daughters of Destiny Conference

Our next conference is scheduled for Iquitos the 12-14th of January. The theme for this year is Preparing the Bride for the Wedding Feast. If you would like to join us, please contact me soon.

If you would like to sow seed to help with air fare, printing and other expenses please make checks payable to Spirit, Soul and Body Ministries with Daughters of Destiny or DOD on the memo line for tax deductible receipt.

God’s richest blessings on all you do for the Kingdom,

Annette Thiesen
President of Daughters of Destiny

Spirit, Soul and Body Ministries
P.O. Box 1132
Cicero, NY 13039