Jalaca, Honduras

Dear Friends and Family,                                                                                May/June 2012

Every person on the face of the earth is wonderfully and distinctly made for the Father’s enjoyment and pleasure. After 30 years of ministering in Peru, we never imagined that God would ask us to take care of 50 of His special hand picked children. Each one has a story of tears and laughter, trials and triumph, defeat to victory…but God continues His plan for a beautiful future and destiny for each one of them.

Some days are better than others for us at New Life Children’s Home. :o) Some days we have children that throw rocks at others… kick, scream, bite, hit, throw water, food or other objects just to get attention. Some refuse to go to class and learn their lessons… some have special learning needs that make them feel inferior and they don’t even try to learn. Each one has a little good, bad and ugly in them just like the rest of the human race. Some are like angels that always obey without complaint or even rolling their eyes. Others not only disobey, they are defiant in their response before they are made to obey.

Last week, one of our 11 year old boys refused to go to class with his forth grade teacher who has not been patient or kind since classes started in February. He ran out of class and said he would not return until we get a different teacher. (The teacher is a big part of the problem, for which we are seeking a replacement.) After a week of working on different projects around the home, we had to put our foot down and make him return to class. (You can imagine the battle of wills.) We won though and he had a fairly good week in school, hopefully he will actually learn something this week.

Our heavenly Father has been teaching us a lot through the children. He has been teaching us that no matter how “good” of a parent we may be, the Spirit of God is the only one that can change the heart and adjust behavior of one of these little ones. We pray and believe God daily to establish His law of the Spirit in their hearts and minds.

Please join us in prayer for miraculous changing of hearts and lives of these children!

We have come to understand better the heart of Father God and what He feels about His children. The Father loves each one deeply, no matter how bad we may act during the day, but it thrills His heart when His children are obedient and willing to learn our lessons well. God doesn’t have favorites, but He sure enjoys watching those who love Him and do His will. Let us be one of those who thrill His heart with perfect obedience each day without complaining and whining.

Yeni and Chelli Born Again

On Sunday night I took 7 children to the local church service in Jalaca. After the preaching, during the altar call, I asked Yeni if she had accepted Jesus and she replied, “No.” When I asked if she would like to accept the

Lord she said, “Yes,” but then backed out.

Chelli flat out said, “No”, she didn’t want to receive. On Monday, I prepared a devotional for the older girls about what it really means to be born again and connected with God by the Spirit. Yeni and Chelli both genuinely prayed to receive Jesus as Savior. What a thrill that brought to this mother’s heart!

Summer Teams and Interns

We have 8 interns scheduled to join us for most of the summer, some of which have already arrived. Natalie and Hector are two of those interns. Our first team arrives on June 23rd which is our largest team 33 and other teams continue through August. Please pray for strength for family and staff as well as God’s direction for projects and ministry needing to be accomplished.

This year we plan to spend some extra time with our interns in missions training, especially teaching on the heart of a missionary and working out their call to the nations.

Please pray for God’s guidance and finances for our interns.

Intern/Staff, Hector Carias

Hector has given of himself on volunteer basis for almost a year with little to no monetary funding. He has been invaluable in helping especially with our little boys, even sleeping in their house. He has been a daddy and friend to all the children. Through his connections, many interns have come to minister and have been a huge blessing.

Hector feels called to be a pastor, especially to missionaries. He plans to further his education in the US next year, perhaps at Christ for the Nations. I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting him monthly for the remainder of the year so that he can continue to bless NLCH with his love and service. You may send him gifts through our ministry: AFCM International. Please let us know so we can pass it on to him. Thank you so much!

WANTED Bi-lingual School Teachers

New Life School has been running for 4 years and we need to replace some of the teachers that are not prepared adequately. Our dream is to have Christian teachers that love God and feel called to missions. If you, or someone you know, would like to serve at NLCH this year or next teaching one of our classes of 1st – 8th grade, please let us know.

We are praying for God ordained teachers with a love for kids to serve with us.

Work in the Peruvian Amazon

We continue to fund and encourage our pastors and leaders in Iquitos. Pastor Warring and some of our mission graduates traveled to Tapiche, Mazan and Negro Urco doing Word Seminars with our river leaders in April and May. In spite of the flooding that reached record levels in April that hindered some from coming to the meetings, there were good reports of salvations, baptisms and ministry times.

Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for Pastors Warring and Ana as they lead the ministry further into the will and purposes of God. We plan to return to Peru for a couple of weeks in October to hold Daughters of Destiny meetings and AFCM Family Reunions in Cusco and in Santa Clotilde on the Napo River. If you would like to join us for one of the two Peru Family Reunions, please let us know soon as we are confirming the dates.

Sponsor a Child

Several new sponsors have joined our family helping with monthly gifts for the children who still lack sponsors, especially since Ron’s trip to California and the AFCM West Coast Family Reunion in May. We still need more sponsors though. Shelly is putting together new sponsor packages for all those interested. If you would like her to send you one, please contact her at:  shellythiesen@gmail.com. Shelly can also tell you who need sponsors and give you some information on them.

Ron is working with Lawrence, a friend who comes down to help out with summer projects, laying out the new girl’s house for the teams. Ron also started Royal Rangers with the boys, which has gotten them excited. We will be starting Missionettes later on this month with the girls.

Women’s Ministry

Annette has an invitation to go to Kenya, Africa in August to speak at AFCM Africa women’s conference. We believe God to finance this trip, if you would like to help cover expenses for airfare please send your offering to AFCM, P.O. Box 1918, Willmar, MN.

We are so grateful for your prayers and financial gifts for Peru, Honduras and the nations.

In the Master´s service,

Ron and Annette Thiesen

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