Dear Friend and Co-laborer,

God is so faithful to answer our prayers for the nations of the earth. My trip to Africa was so much more than I had anticipated. Some may ask, and I even asked, “Is this a good time to leave New Life Children’s Home and go to Africa?” As many of you know, we have been going through several months of staff issues in Honduras, but as I prayed about Africa the Lord kept giving me peace to go and He would take care of the situation with staff.

                                               Lake Victoria, Kenya at Sunset

Labor Issue Settled

God is so good! The day before I left home, our lawyer came from Tegucigalpa to speak to our staff, to calm their doubts and answer their questions about the changes to a volunteer staff agreement. The outcome of that meeting was nothing less than a miracle with everyone but one signing our volunteer contract which is what we needed to protect the ministry from law suits before the Ministry of Labor Department. Two months ago almost everyone said they WOULD NOT sign our contract! So before I took flight, God confirmed that He is the one in control of our lives and detailed circumstances.

Four Birthday Celebrations

The day before I left, we were busy in the kitchen making birthday cake for four of our children at NLCH. Kevin who turned 13 was telling me that he was sad because I was leaving before his birthday, so I said, “Let’s celebrate it early before I leave.” During the celebration we give opportunity to the other children to say something special about the birthday children. Kevin had a hard time holding back the tears as his “brothers and sisters” said sweet things about him. He put his head down to hide the tears and kept wiping them away. He is one special sensitive boy who has a strong call of God on his life.

These were our four birthday children. Cristofer turned four on August 4th. Kevin turned 13 and Sandra Julisa turned 5 on August 8th. Heydi turned 5 on August 9th. Danilo and Gerson had birthdays while I was in Africa and Juan Jose has a birthday the day after I arrive and two more by the end of the month. So August is filled with parties.

Travel to Kenya, Africa

I left home on August 7th and I was so thankful for the overnight in Atlanta before boarding the nine hour flight to Amsterdam, 3 hour layover then 8 hours to Nairobi, Kenya. It was unusual down time that helped me get focused on the messages for the three day Women’s Conference. I met up with Pastor Annette Rice, Administrator of AFCM International in Amsterdam. Neither of us had been to Africa before, so when we

were greeted by our taxi driver holding a sign with our names to take us to the guest house for the night, I was so glad I wasn’t alone.

DOM Ministries in Kisumu, our Final Destination

Arriving on August 10th, the first thing on our list was to rest from jet lag. Disciples of Mercy Ministries have been in Kenya for more than 20 years and their compound is impressive. They have hundreds of students from Nursery through High School and Vocational School attending the Christian school on the compound. Their 2 story medical clinic to service the surrounding community with a special HIV unit sends out a team of trained personnel for homes visits. I enjoyed hearing of the Home Base Care program for orphans with around 150 children receiving help while living with a family member. The AFCM Video Bible Schools run by DOM trained pastors in DOM churches and prisons all over Kenya produce hundreds of graduates every year. This is not to mention other conferences and special events held in the central church on the compound throughout the year. In spite of their extensive ministry, this was the first year to hold an ALL women’s conference. And we felt privileged to help kick it off!

Ministry Schedule

Almost every day we had some type of ministry outreach planned. The best way to explain it is with a day by day itinerary.

August 10th Arrive at DOM

August 11th Drove 1 ½ hours to Kisii Women’s Prison to share the love of God

August 12th Sunday Church in Siaya at Word Christian Centre Children’s prison in Kenya

August 13th Staff prayer/Children’s Juvenile Hall (prison) with 150 children

August 14th Staff prayer/Hospital visitation praying for the sick

August 15th Staff prayer/ preparation for conference

August 16th Women’s Conference – I taught on Breaking Intimidation, Annette Rice on Peace in the Midst of the Storm, Barbara Werner on From Glory to Glory.

August 17th Conference themes – Annette Rice taught Pressing On and Pressing In, I spoke on the God Who Sees – Life of Hagar, Barbara spoke on More of the Glory.

August 18th Jennie shared how to stop controlling spirits and walk in your uniqueness, I taught on flowing in the Gifts of the Spirit, Barbara spoke on our Love Walk to operate the gifts, and Annette Rice shared on Listening and Following the Voice of the Spirit.

August 19th Sunday services in different churches, I went to Dago w/Pastor Michael.

August 20th Fun day shopping, visiting the zoo and eating supper at Lake Victoria.

August 21st Begin my 3 day flight home

Testimonies from the Women’s Conference

Both evenings the women gathered together with the DOM pastors to sing and share testimonies of what God was doing in the conference. I joined them the second evening and these are some things that were shared. One lady shared how she received her prayer language while worshipping in one of the services, while others received the infilling of the Holy Spirit when the pastors ministered the night before.

The one word that rang throughout the testimonies was FREEDOM. One lady shared that when Annette Rice prayed for her an oppression left her. Several members of her family had attacks of fainting and screaming for no reason and she believes that the whole family is delivered. Another lady felt heavy and had pain in her neck and body was healed from oppression and pain. One older lady was healed of knee pain and received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some quotes from the testimonies I heard. “We have been set free!”

“I feel refreshed, challenged and ready to go to the next level of glory.”

“I have learned to focus on Christ and walk free.”

“I am so happy because I learned that I am unique!”

“I had been to other conferences and desired to receive the Holy Spirit but never spoke in tongues until Pastor Wesley prayed for me. I feel like a princess staying in these pretty buildings with other people cooking and serving me.”

“I was a barren woman in the spirit but I am pregnant now with the Word and next year you will all see fruit in my life.”

“The thing that impacted me the most was not just what I heard but what I saw. Rev. Barbara’s husband took her hand and led her to the platform to speak and he takes care of her as they walk around the compound holding hands and talking sweet to each other. That is love!”

“When we walk thorough trouble, keep your peace and God is with us to solve every problem.”

“I am married to Christ and He is the Husband of my life. He has cared about my life since I was a child.”

“Even though we have received much rejection we can overcome them and be winners… walk in the market as if you have lots of money.”

“I learned that I have been given authority no matter what happens. Faith is about pressing on to fulfill our destiny.”

It was a huge privilege to be a part of this ministry team to Kenya, Africa. As you van tell from the testimonies, the women’s conference made a big impact on the lives of the ladies that came and I believe that much fruit will produce in their marriages and homes in the coming year.

Thank you for the part you played in praying and giving to make this time fruitful for the Kingdom of God. I also thank you for praying for Ron, Maicah, staff and children at New Life Children’s Home in my absence. We are now back to work in Honduras enjoying our last team of the season from Harvest Christian Church in El Paso, Texas.

God’s abundant blessings on you always!

With love,

Annette for Ron, Maicah and NLCH