Beloved Friends and Intercessor,

Thank you for praying for the 5th Daughters of Destiny Conference in Iquitos during April 18th – 20th. Even though the main road into the conference was under construction and being paved, the women came faithfully. There were several downpours that made even the back route impassable by vehicles, which meant those who showed up walked in. There was deep commitment to hear the Word of the Lord and receive from Him.

Our ministry goal is to empower women to rescue children and restore families– the very thing the enemy fights against with vengeance. Many of our river pastors were not able to come, but we had leaders and their wives come from at least 6 river communities. The men joined us for all of the main sessions in the morning and evening, not only hearing the Word, but helping in any capacity needed. There were also thirteen churches from Iquitos represented.

This year we had the privilege of having Jennie (Ochieng) Roberts with us from Kenya, Africa and Barbara Werner from New Zealand. They added a depth of insight and wisdom to our Peruvian women that was well received. I thank God for allowing two of my sister-in-laws, Ruth Kerr and Karen Keagy, and my sister, Julie Jordan, to join us. Each one added their part to make this a successful conference.

First Day of the Conference

Missionary Marisa Vargas from Argentina kicked of the conference with Delivering the Captives. I followed her with the theme Prepared to do Greater Works. Jennie overcoming rejection.

The afternoon workshops were: Integrity and Purity by Psta. Anna Thiesen de Malpartida, Women, the Multiplication Factor in the Church by Psta. Nancy Silva, Ministering in the Streets by Shawn and Trent Rolfzen, Exercising your Spiritual Authority by Psta. Liz del Aguila, and Rescuing Women by Missionary Becky Johnson.

Barbara Werner was the speaker for the evening service with Foundations for Greater Works. Each session was powerful and anointed!

Second Day of the Conference

After a wonderful time in praise and worship to our King led by Pastor Alvaro and his family, Barbara spoke on the need to be Filled with the Spirit, ministering the infilling of the Spirit afterward. Then we heard Psta. Sadith de Lemos teach on Healing for the Family. Psta. Mercedes de Malpartida finished off the morning with Faith to Move Mountains.
The afternoon workshops were: Beauty in Fullness by Psta. Gisely Alava, Flowing in the Gifts by Psta. Ana Cabrera, Salvation in Prophetic Dimensions by Psta. Zoila Peña, Healing the Sick by Psta. Eliana Tello, and Rescuing Children by Psta. Esther Contreras. The evening service began with jubilant praise and dancing with Jennie sharing on the Power of the Resurrection. It was a power packed day of feasting on the Word of God, in spite of the afternoon downpour of Amazon rain.

Third Day of the Conference

We couldn´t have asked for a more sensitive and perfect praise and worship team for this conference. They filled the sanctuary with the awesome presence of God. Missionary Ruth Kerr was the first one up with Spiritual Mothering. Barbara wrapped up her teaching on Foundation for Greater Works for the second session, encouraging the women that all power and authority resides in them to do the greater works, so let it out! I finished up the morning with Compassion and Passion for Souls, encouraging the congregation to prepare for the afternoon outreach.

The afternoon workshops were changed to an evangelistic outreach to one of the flooded neighborhoods in town. Different people had given food and money to prepare 100 bags of food to pass out as we ministered the love of Jesus door to door. Two bus loads of believers marched into the flooded area, food bags in hand, walking on board planks to minister to those living in houses half full of flood waters. Twenty-six people gave their hearts to Jesus and four reconciled their lives back to God through the ministry time. The testimonies that we heard filled us with joy!


Many of the groups prayed for the sick and encouraged them to trust God in the midst of hard times. The bag of food was a reminder that God cares and provides.

Karen Keagy, my sister-in-law, was escorted by a number of young girls down the plank sidewalks several blocks in to the flooded Nazarene Church. After a tour of the church and classrooms, the pastora shared how she had felt lonely and abandoned even by her own church supervisors that had not visited them since the flooding began. She had prayed the night before and God sent us to encourage her with a bag of food and prayer. She was blessed!

Olga is a believer in the midst of the flooded zone. As we talked with her sitting on the front porch, she shared her desire to be used by God to share the Word with her neighbors. Her passionate tears revealed her love for God and people as we prayed anointing to preach the Word with signs following.

Others told us that we were the first people to offer them help; the government hadn’t been out to even investigate the situation. Everyone thanked us for coming to lend a helping hand in their time of need.

Honduras Daughters of Destiny

Please pray about joining us for our first 3 day conference in Tegucigalpa at Cristo Centro on October 24-26, 2013. We look forward to ministering to the army of women in Honduras. Let us know soon if you are interested in joining us for this event at There are several Peruvian ministers that are believing God
for funds to come to Honduras. If you are not able to join us, perhaps you could help cover part of the airfare for one of them.

Peru February 2014

We are working at confirming our dates for next year for the first of February for the 6th annual conference in Iquitos. Please pray about joining us for this event, as well.

Thank you for praying and supporting this ministry as we raise up the Daughters of God to fulfill their destiny.

Abundant blessings,

Annette Thiesen
Phone number from US: 011-504-9732-6991