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Many received healing of past wounds from traumas and were able to forgive those who injured them. Some received physical healing, some saw visions, and everyone sensed the power and presence of God in a new way.

Young mother receives sight…

The second evening during the ministry time, Isabel began to shout, “I’m healed! I’m healed! She ran to Pastora Zoila and then to me asking us to look at her eyes. She had cataracts so bad that it was impairing her vision. The doctor told her that she needed glasses and an operation, but four months previously she asked the Lord to heal her. During the ministry time she put her hands on her eyes and quoted Isaiah 61, “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me…to give sight to
the blind…” She felt warmth in her eyes and when she opened them she could see clearly. The cataracts were gone!


The big day arrived on January 27th. It was our third annual Hijas de Destino conference. The first two years, we had many awesome women from the U.S. and Canada come help and be the primary speakers. This year, Rosemarie Prunoske and Jordan Neudorf were a vital part of the team. At first, having so few speakers from overseas though, seemed strange but we recognized quickly that the Lord had instead called a group of anointed ministers from among the ladies of Peru this year, as well as one Argentinan. That is awesome, since it is also a goal of Hijas de Destino to raise up its own leaders to carry forth the ministry of healing, restoration and anointing for other women. A number of those same ladies who ministered powerfully here in Iquitos will be going with us to Pucallpa and also to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to minister in those conferences as well!

Which testimonies should I share about the most powerful Hijas de Destino so far? Let me begin with an excerpt from Annette’s letter: “On Thursday morning, the first session began with ‘The Fire of God.’ We talked about God’s power throughout the Old Testament displayed through fire, and in the New Testament His spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit now rests upon us. We took off our shoes and stepped into the fire as we all came to the altar to give up our excuses and hindrances to God. Moses drew near the burning bush with all sorts of excuses why he couldn’t obey God’s call on his life, but God didn’t accept them and used him anyway. So He is doing with us.”

The messages that followed included: Reaching Your Destiny, Transformed into the Image of Christ, Touching the Heart of the Father, Preparing for Revival, Taking Your Place, etc. There were also workshops on Marriage, Inner Healing, Children’s Ministry, Walking in Faith, etc. After each session, there was a time of anointed personal ministry.

We keep hearing new testimonies of what happened at the conference:

• Today, the Children’s Church director of our church shared how broken she had been and how she couldn’t stop crying after some very difficult times in her marriage. She told about being healed emotionally and being able to be joyful and peaceful again.
• A young man whose parents had been involved in witchcraft before they got saved, received deliverance. Then he was filled with the Spirit.
• A young woman was rejoicing today because she watched her sister who has been hard toward the things of God and rarely would let anyone pray for her, crying at the altar as she was being ministered to.
• Many told of things God spoke to them or revealed to them during the conference. Some told of seeing the glory cloud, someone else saw fire above our heads.

The Presence of the Lord was so strong it was tangible. One night the Lord showed us a wall of fire across the front of the church. Many came forward to step into the fire of God and let Him touch their lives. So much was happening that we can’t begin to share it all, but one thing is certain, revival has begun. Praise the Lord!


God is declaring, “I have seen the tears that my daughters and their children have cried after being abused, rejected and beat down. I am the Husband and the Zealous Father!

I am calling sterile and abandoned women to sing, to rejoice, and to extend their tent because I am returning to take the position of the Husband to bring healing to your broken hearts. I am renewing their destroyed hopes and dreams. I am extending my hand to restore what man has stolen.

I will give them a new image as fruitful women and I will firmly establish them as precious stones and beautiful jewels for them to never be moved again by fear or oppression. I will be a Father to their children and with tender hugs of love I will teach them and will multiply their peace. The weapons that have be raised against them have been destroyed and they will rise up with a great inheritance of My glory and power to change the nations.”