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Daughters of Destiny in Iquitos
The Lord told us that we would draw near to the burning bush this year and experience revival fires like never before. This may be a bit long but I want to give you the full run down of what God did.

The past two years God brought mighty women speakers from the US to speak into the lives of Peruvian ladies and make a deposit of the Spirit in their lives. The Peruvian pastors’ wives mainly spoke in the afternoon workshops, in fact there was only one Peruvian speaker in the main sessions the first year. By the second year, there were three Latin American women in the main sessions with anointed Word and ministry. This year God brought seven of the afternoon workshop ladies up onto the platform in the main sessions with a great impact on the ladies who came to receive.

Wednesday night before the conference at the pastor’s dinner (I only invited the speakers and intercessors) we shared divine strategy for raising up the end time army. The strategy being to make a covenant promise to walk in love and unity with each other, to pray and edify the body of Christ at all times and to watch over our words so they do not injure one another. We did this as we celebrated Communion, and then we ended in prayer for the conference. It was powerful!

On Thursday morning the first session began with “The Fire of God.” We talked about God’s power throughout the Old Testament displayed through fire, and in the New Testament His spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit now rests upon us. We took off our shoes and stepped into the fire as we all came to the altar to give up our excuses and hindrances to God. Moses drew near the burning bush with all sorts of excuses why he couldn’t obey God’s call on his life, but God didn’t accept them and used him anyway. So He is doing with us.

Each session that followed added to the work of God in each heart. Messages like: Reaching your Destiny, Transformed into the Image of Christ, Touching the Heart of the Father, Drawing Near to the Glory, Guarding our Inheritance, Preparing for Revival, Taking your Place, etc. Each ministry time was super anointed.