Many received healing of past wounds from traumas and were able to forgive those who injured them. Some received physical healing, some saw visions, and everyone sensed the power and presence of God in a new way.

Young mother receives sight…

The second evening during the ministry time, Isabel began to shout, “I’m healed! I’m healed! She ran to Pastora Zoila and then to me asking us to look at her eyes. She had cataracts so bad that it was impairing her vision. The doctor told her that she needed glasses and an operation, but four months previously she asked the Lord to heal her. During the ministry time she put her hands on her eyes and quoted Isaiah 61, “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me…to give sight to
the blind…” She felt warmth in her eyes and when she opened them she could see clearly. The cataracts were gone!

Scared and confused…

On the second afternoon, a mother with a 5 year old girl asked if she could talk to me. She asked if it is normal and alright to see a vision? She had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but someone told her it wasn’t from God, so she stopped praying in tongues and was scared that she couldn’t receive it again.

She said, “I saw this tall man dressed in white when we were up at the altar praying last night. He had one hand raised and the other holding the Bible. He said this will clean your tongue and then he removed black stuff from my tongue. He said, “Your tongue is ready now.” She began to speak in tongues again and was overjoyed!

Away from God

“I was away from God with ulcers that wouldn’t heal and even went to Lima to be operated on. I felt like He didn’t hear my prayers and wasn’t interested in helping me. I heard voices that toldme God didn’t love me and wouldn’t help me. I came to this conference and know now that God is with me. He has healed me and forgiven me. I have no more pain!” She danced and worshiped God freely throughout the conference.

Never felt the love of God…

On Sunday morning, after I ministered at the host church, a lady came up and hugged me saying, “Thank you so much for coming. I had never felt the love of God before this event. I would go to church, but I felt like God wasn’t listening to me. Through the teaching and ministry times the love of God filled me and I am so happy now.”

Marriage reconciled

“After hearing the Pastora share her testimony of being domineering in her marriage and how God convicted her to humble herself, I recognized the same thing in my life. I went home last night and washed my husband’s feet and asked him to forgive me for trying to wear the pants in the family.” They both ended in tears and embraced with joy. (Her son said, “You can wash my feet too, Mom.”) 

Grandma healed of back pain…

Sunday morning a little round grandma, whom we had prayed for several times throughout the conference for back and body aches, told me that she had no more pain. All the pain left her as she went through the fire tunnel the last evening. These are only a few of the testimonies, but it shows us how faithful God is to meet the needs of His precious children!